The Canterbury District Labour Group is made up of all Labour councillors elected to Canterbury City Council and accountable to the Canterbury Local Campaign Forum, a body within the Labour Party which helps co-ordinate campaigning activities across our area.

As the Canterbury District includes the city of Canterbury and the towns of Herne Bay & Whitstable our work directly affects three local Labour Party branches:

  • The Canterbury branch & the Whitstable branch who are part of the Canterbury Constituency Labour Party
  • The Herne Bay branch who are part of the North Thanet Constituency Labour Party

Members of these three branches are elected annually to serve on the Local Campaign Forum and each branch has an observer who attends meetings of the Labour Group to ensure transparency. Councillors report back to their own branches on a monthly basis and answer members questions about there work and decisions being made by the council.

Annually the Labour Group appoint a Leader of the Group, Deputy Leader of the Group, Secretary, Treasurer and Whip. The Leader of our Group attends the Kent Labour Forum to meet with other elected bodies across Kent and lease directly with Labour councillors on Kent County Council.

Canterbury Branch

Whitstable Branch

Campaign Leads