Councillor Alan Baldock
Labour Councillor for Northgate


Alan is proud to say he lives in Northgate and over the past eight years have been its Labour Councillor. He’s a professional engineer, and a Canterbury person through and through.

A lifetime resident of Canterbury, he has represented Northgate Ward on Canterbury City Council and the been Leader of the Council’s Labour Group since 2015. He has  helped support the growth of the Northgate Community Centre and was involved in facilitating the Save the Kingsmead Fields Campaign.

Alan was elected to Canterbury City Council in 2015 as a representative for Northgate ward with Jean Butcher and is Leader of the Labour Group.

Alan is serves on the Regeneration Committee and Decision Review Committee. He is Labour’s Lead Councillor on Enforcement and Planning.

Contact details

Email: [email protected]

Tel:07901 627 724

Twitter: @ngwred



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Alan Baldock