Councillor Pip Hazleton
Labour Councillor for Westgate


Pip is a recently retired social worker who worked mainly in the field of child protection but also has experience working with vulnerable older people.

She stood for election because as a grandmother, she became acutely aware of the services that fall within the remit of the City Council that are suffering from a combination of lack of funding, misguided decision making and poor oversight. She is proud to be the Chair of the Rising Sun Domestic Violence and Abuse Service and during the pandemic oversaw the renovation of our latest project – a fantastic five bedroomed home for young women who are pregnant or with young babies who have experienced domestic abuse.

She is passionate about the power we have to change our lives for the better if we work collaboratively. Seeking solutions whilst learning lessons can energise and empower individuals, families and whole communities.

Pip was elected to serve Westgate Ward in a council by election in 2021.

She sits on the Regeneration Committee, Standards Committee and Decision Review Committee. She is Labour’s Lead Councillor for Property, Transport and Parking. 

Contact details

Email: [email protected]

Tel:01227 250 626






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