Whitstable meeting re parking and transport

CCC proposals

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Public meetings on transport next week

Next week Canterbury City Council will be holding two public meetings in Canterbury and Whitstable on the proposed transport plans currently being consulted on. Simon Cook, Leader of the Council, will be presenting the proposals and it is an opportunity for local people to come along and hear more about them and have their say.

The meetings will take place on –
Thursday 21 January, 7pm – The Guildhall, Canterbury,

Oval Chalet Update

Campaigners have 21 days to appeal after the High Court's decision to allow the development to go ahead.

The Labour Party fully supports the Oval Chalet Preservation Community Group (OCPCG) in its campaign to ensure that any development of the Oval site (which is located behind the old Green & Knight Tile Warehouse on Sea Street and along the beach front at Reeves Beach Whitstable) includes a raised  open public space for a  town square overlooking the sea.

The site

Ovalgate - the plot thickens

Here is the full text of my speech to yesterday’s meeting of the Regeneration and Property Committee (I had to cut it down on delivery).  Shamefully, the committee decided against any action on the Chief Executive’s report, riding roughshod over the clearly expressed desire of the people of Whitstable Gorrell, its Councillors and ex-Councillors.  The upside is that the town is united in its horror that such an iconic site should have been sold for

Labour councillor speaks out over Oval development

I’ve decided to post my speech in support of the petition to review the Council’s decision to sell the Oval.  The response of the committee was mixed with some hostility but many councillors were prepared to listen to the people of Whitstable speaking in favour of a review.  The good news is, the petition wasn’t thrown out.  The bad news is that the decision isn’t going through a full review but the committee will analyse

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