A Labour Council will:


bring Canterbury City Council’s public services back into the control of the local community.

  • Bin SERCO and end outsourcing, setting up a new waste collection and grounds maintenance contract, both due for renewal in 2021.

  • Demand changes to East Kent Housing, and review whether arm’s-length organisations such as this can deliver the accountability and service standards to which our council tenants are entitled.

  • Fight for our local hospitals, including at least one with an accident and emergency centre, and demand a wide range of outpatient clinics and services in the district. We will work with our partners and residents to campaign nationally to protect our local NHS.

  • Bring council services back into Whitstable, Herne Bay and our rural communities by creating a series of accessible hubs or mobile services to provide “one-stop shops” for council advice.

  • Campaign to reverse austerity by actively lobbying government to restore proper funding of local government so we can deliver essential services, alleviate inequality and end poverty.

  • Engage positively with equality impact assessment of our policies to ensure they improve, rather than damage, the lives of our diverse community of residents, notably the most vulnerable.
  • Incorporate improved physical and mental health, as a significant criterion of town planning, to ensure the whole of the City Council area is a healthy place to live and work.
  • Fund investment in public housing projects, local infrastructure and local business development through prudent and affordable borrowing, ensuring it will achieve a significant legacy benefit for local people.
  • Responsibly manage and balance Council finances, within legal rules, to deliver Public Services efficiently and effectively.