A Labour Council will:


put sustainability and the protection of our environment at the heart of all our work. 

  • Start real-time air quality monitoring, including particulates, and regularly inform the public of progress towards cleaner air.

  • Consult with communities on creating free-flowing urban traffic, congestion zones and car free areas to reduce pollution.

  • Lead consultation on 20 mph zones near schools and in densely populated areas and work with headteachers, parents and local residents to encourage car-free alternatives to the school run.

  • Establish a climate change board aiming for the district to become carbon neutral by 2030, starting by ensuring CCC’s vehicle fleet evolves quickly to use the lowest emission vehicles possible.

  • Rigorously enforce the laws around litter and dog fouling and provide on-street recycling bins.

  • Put planning measures in place to create a “presumption” against fracking for shale gas.
  • Undertake and implement an ecological audit of all services, assets, procurement and resources, measuring planned land use against ecological criteria, and assessing housing developments for maximum ecological benefit to the community.
  • Tackle litter on our streets, parks and open spaces, working with local people and the best new technology like solar or ‘Big Belly’ bins.
  • Maximise re-use through facilitating deposit return schemes as quickly as possible.
  • Remove Single Use Plastic (SUP) from Council premises and provide information and sourcing of alternatives for businesses, residents and visitors to minimise the use of SUPs. We intend that Canterbury, Herne Bay and the villages will join Whitstable in achieving “Plastic Free” status within 3 years.
  • Make our seas accessible for all and safe again, encouraging considerate sharing of our beaches and foreshore, protecting our natural environment for animals, birds, fish, plants and humans.


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